1. Originally developed by James Gosling, it is most popular programming language for enterprise applications.
2. Two key additions of JAVA are :
i) Java Standard Edition
ii) Java Enterprise Editionssi

3. JAVA SE is JDK (JAVA Development Kit)
i) Development Tools
i) Java Compiler (javac.exe)
ii) Java Interpreter (java.exe)
ii) JAVA Run time libraries (JRE)
i) JVM (Java Virtal Machine is an interpreter)
JVM interprets the bytecode line by line, and then executes it
ii) Java standard libraries
iii) Runtime libraries

4. Please note that JRE can also be installed without JDK, if the requirement is only to execute the Java applications, not the development.
JRE installers are available for different platforms like Windows and Linux . It is platform dependent.

5. Objects have state and behavior.


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