Being A Better Self – A Simple Calculation

Just a month back a senior leader quit our Unit and the Organization. Like any other, he too sent a last day mail. Other than customary thanks to everyone and all his colleagues, he shared a simple calculation meant for everyone in the organization, which really caught my eye.  It was a simple, crisp message to improve oneself shared in the form of a mathematical calculation which we IT engineers understand better.

I thought it should be a part of my blog . So here I quote him …

” Before I sign off, I wanted to leave you with few simple mathematical facts:

(1 + 0.01)^365 = 1.01^365 = 37.8
(1 + 0)^365 = 1^365 = 1
(1 – 0.01)^365 = 0.99^365 = 0.03

=> If you improve just by 1% day-over-day, you become ~38 times better than what you began with (in just 1 year). On the other hand, if you ‘degrade’ by 1% every day; just in 1 year, you are just 3% of what you began with.

Keep improving !!!

Being A Better Self – A Simple Calculation

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