How to keep the motivation for fitness.

I am going to post a passage from FB that I found to be really relevant for people who live a sedentary life style. People like me, who have 9 to 5 job, always plan to join Gym or to go out for a run. We buy our-self yearly subscriptions of a gym and remain disciplined for few weeks. Till this point things are fine, but  problem arises when there comes a break in the routine due to some office work or a bout of sickness. How to keep yourself motivated and make that activity an habit ?  Anything that becomes a habit is easier to do. Mind and Body can follow the routine day-in, day-out. Saying or Thinking is easy but doing is really really tough !!

My friend/fellow runner “Shreyas Karnad” from Bangalore who is an inspiration to many posted this article, which I am copy pasting here.

It seems like everyone we know who’s improved their fitness has inevitably reverted back to old habits. There are so few of us who make lifelong transformations (that’s why they are so inspiring).

What is the secret of those who make a permanent change in their lives?

The answer is simple: they made both an inner and outer transformation.
Our body is a result of our mind. So many of us get so focused on the details of dieting and exercise that we forget to work on the most important part, our inner self.

We can lose weight without working on our minds through sheer will and determination, but how long can that last?

Sticking to a rigid meal plan requires constant effort and can never be sustained for a lifetime. Even those who have the best exercise and meal plans will eventually fail and gain the weight back if they are forcing themselves to do it.

So how can you overcome this? By learning to enjoy the activities that are good for you.

The first step in this process is to feel that you deserve good things. You have to value yourself enough to want to make a change in your life.

The second step is to make the association between new challenges and improving yourself.

If you understand that these activities, while challenging, are good for you, and that you want good things for yourself, then you will be motivated to do those activities.

The third step is to acknowledge your efforts and daily success and build the momentum that will carry you forward.
It’s sounds simple, but it ain’t easy, but not impossible!

Shreyas is a fitness trainer and a very good writer. He blogs regularly for his trainees mentioning the best way to lead a life by exercising and eating right. If you are in Bangalore, head to Cubbon Park on weekends and you gonna surely bump into him and his trainees.


How to keep the motivation for fitness.

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