There are 53 weekends in 2017. It won’t be bad, if i can learn 53 new things in as many weeks. At the end of the year, I would like to check my skills.

So, here it goes …

Week 1 : Last week, I was given an opportunity to prepare a qualitative list that will be counted every month for each member of my team. This would eventually be used for appraisal. The list had below qualities :

Issue Resolution Quality / Engineering Excellence
Initiative / Innovation
Process Follow up / Strategic Insight .
Knowledge Management
Expert Consultation
Self development

So, I had put everything in an excel and gave weightage to each, summing to 100. Against each quality a grade would be given. I learnt to hide/un-hide  column in excel to present the qualities one member at a time. First time , I googled and learnt short-cuts to use VB-Scripts and used Developer tools in excel. This was something new I tried and would like to explore many more in excel like macros and others.

Week 2 :  Just yesterday learned about two new words ..

Zeigarnik effect 


Pomondro Technique


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